About SBF

My fascination with food started at an early age. Moving to the United States from Germany,

my love for cuisine never stopped evolving. Watching “Great Chefs of the World” and studying

the chef’s techniques and flavor combinations featured on the show, I hoped to one day be as

skilled as them. I also experienced the love that went into my Korean Grandmother’s cooking.

She would tend to the small garden in our backyard and whip up new dishes everyday. She

didn’t speak English and I only knew a small amount of Korean, so we communicated in other

ways. We both knew the connection and love inside of us and in food we prepared together.

Having been lucky enough to travel to various parts of the world, from St. Petersburg to

Bangkok, I have seen the common generosity and love that all people put into their food. It

has reinforced in me that there is so much heart in my cooking. I choose to extend this to the

food that I cook, and to share this special feeling with the community.


With that same generosity and love, I offer a slice of the Korean countryside, the cuisine from

where my family originates. I share with you my grandmother’s food; my mother’s food; my food,

now our food.


John Katrinak

Owned and operated by John Katrinak, Soo Bak Foods was conceived from a life long dream that came to fruition after John was laid off from Borders bookstore when they went bankrupt. From an early age, John was in the kitchen helping his mother cook  up the most mouth-watering food your pretty mouth has ever had inside of it.


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